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  • Each Different Tool Requires a Separate Payment
  • "Reverse ASIN"™
    Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • We store all of the products on page one of the Amazon SERP for every one of our 70million+ Amazon Buyer Keywords database
  • When you put your competitor's ASIN, or any ASIN, into the search, we gather every single keyword that product ranks for.
  • We call it a "Reverse ASIN"™ search because instead of trying to find asins with one keyword, you are using an asin to find possibly 10,000's of keywords
  • This allows you to conduct Automated Keyword Research for Amazon Products by using your Competition's Product against them
  • Our Proprietary Algorithm uses Billions of Data points to create a daily updated estimated Amazon Search Volume
  • Get Keyword Position Rankings, Amazon Search Volume, Common Misspellings, and Number of Results found on Amazon for each keyword that the product ranks for
  • Know all of the words you need in your listing to be relevant for Amazon Customer Keyword searches
  • Because we have been doing this for over 4 years now, we can give you data on what is happening right now, or all of the keywords that a product has ranked for, getting you more than 2X the keywords
  • Credits can be used for: "Reverse ASIN"™ Searches
    Our Enterprise Class Amazon Product Niche Research Tool
  • We have Billions of Datapoints on over 220 Million+ Products found on Amazon
  • Do not trust other "Moment in Time" Tools
    KIPRT delivers Long term Averages so you know how product(s) are actually doing over a period of time (data gathering has already been done!).
  • Get Estimated Sales Volumes for any product or niche on Amazon, going back over a year
    Shows Seasonality and Demand for any product on Amazon
  • Know how Saturated a Niche is, and whether you can compete.
  • Know how many have come into the market with our "New Listings" Graph
  • Know how prices,review counts and ratings are trending for products/niches
    Using our Historical Data Graphs
  • Variations are shown, with accurate sales estimates. No other tool offers to show how much Variations can factor into a products potential
  • Shows Weekly Keyword Counts for all Products found on Amazon Searches
  • Find Related Products in a niche with a single click search
  • KIPRT requires a seperate Subscription from our other tools
  • Amazon Coupon Tracking and FBA Scarcity Tool
  • Real-Time Coupon Tracking and Email Alerts
  • Now you don't have to worry about losing all of your inventory as long as you have this tool*
  • Inventory Holds Automatically when a set number of Coupons are used
  • Show Product Scarcity ("this many left in stock") Automatically on Amazon for your Product Listings for FBA Inventory (this cannot be done manually)
  • A Free 7 Day Trial is Available