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  • Each Different Tool Requires a Separate Payment
  • "Reverse ASIN"™
    Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • We store all of the products on page one of the Amazon SERP for every one of our 305million+ Amazon Buyer Keywords database
  • When you put your competitor's ASIN, or any ASIN, into the search, we gather every single keyword that product ranks for.
  • We call it a "Reverse ASIN"™ search because instead of trying to find asins with one keyword, you are using an asin to find possibly 10,000's of keywords
  • This allows you to conduct Automated Keyword Research for Amazon Products by using your Competition's Product against them
  • Our Proprietary Algorithm uses Billions of Data points to create a daily updated estimated Amazon Search Volume
  • Get Keyword Position Rankings, Amazon Search Volume, Common Misspellings, and Number of Results found on Amazon for each keyword that the product ranks for
  • Know all of the words you need in your listing to be relevant for Amazon Customer Keyword searches
  • Because we have been doing this for over 4 years now, we can give you data on what is happening right now, or all of the keywords that a product has ranked for, getting you more than 2X the keywords
  • Credits can be used for: "Reverse ASIN"™ Searches
    Our Enterprise Class Amazon Product Niche Research Tool
  • We have Billions of Datapoints on over 900 Million+ Products found on Amazon
  • Do not trust other "Moment in Time" Tools
    KIPRT delivers Long term Averages so you know how product(s) are actually doing over a period of time (data gathering has already been done!).
  • Get Estimated Sales Volumes for any product or niche on Amazon, going back over a year
    Shows Seasonality and Demand for any product on Amazon
  • Know how Saturated a Niche is, and whether you can compete.
  • Know how many have come into the market with our "New Listings" Graph
  • Know how prices,review counts and ratings are trending for products/niches
    Using our Historical Data Graphs
  • Variations are shown, with accurate sales estimates. No other tool offers to show how much Variations can factor into a products potential
  • Shows Weekly Keyword Counts for all Products found on Amazon Searches
  • Find Related Products in a niche with a single click search
  • KIPRT requires a seperate Subscription from our other tools
  • Includes Free Trial!!!
    Our Keyword (Trends) Research Tool
  • $59.95 per Month
    Only $39.95 per Month
    (Limited Time Offer)
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    Includes 3-day Free Trial
    Trial is limited to 1750 Keywords and Downloads are not allowed

    If you wish to just signup without the free trial and be allowed upto 1.5Million downloaded keywords a day
    (trials can only be used once per paypal account)

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  • An Amazon Keyword (Trends) Research Tool Like No Other
  • 311+ Million Amazon Only Keywords gathered since 2014 (more than any other service out there!!
  • Aggregated product data for each keyword (including reviews/ratings, pricing, prime, salesrank, sales per day etc.
  • Backed by 100s of Billions of Aggregated Datapoints. This makes the data more accurate, and highly available within seconds!
  • Times when Data has been last updated are given (transparency)
  • Search by Keyword, Negative Keyword, even search with a list of keywords, it doesn't matter KI does it all!! You can even search by volumes, trending volumes, total average volumes the list goes on and on.
  • This tool requires a seperate Subscription from our other tools
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  • Amazon Coupon Tracking and FBA Scarcity Tool
  • Real-Time Coupon Tracking and Email Alerts
  • Now you don't have to worry about losing all of your inventory as long as you have this tool*
  • Inventory Holds Automatically when a set number of Coupons are used
  • Show Product Scarcity ("this many left in stock") Automatically on Amazon for your Product Listings for FBA Inventory (this cannot be done manually)
  • A Free 7 Day Trial is Available